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    • So, now you know that thoughts + emotions change the body, now it’s time to intentionally generate them to heal.

      How often do you stop, turn inward, and generate thought + emotion for at least 10-30 minutes? Probably rarely, which is the problem!

      Visualization physically changes your brain, which then physically changes your body. Visualizing healing, and a healthy body literally generates healing hormones and chemicals to make it happen. Taking time to visualize and generate emotion each day may be the the most important thing you can do to heal.

      Where you place your attention and for how long determines how you experience life. If you are placing all your attention on your symptoms and how your body is not how you want it, you are literally giving your body more energy to grow that problem.

      I learned this from experience, the more I focused on trying to ‘fix’ my symptoms, the worse they got.

      Situation + Reaction = Outcome. Meaning your reaction to your issues impacts what happens next.