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    • Whether we like it or not, once a thought happens in the brain, the rest is history. It’s startling to realize how influential and extensive the effects of one or two conscious or unconscious thoughts can be. We all understand that the brain can manage and regulate many diverse functions throughout the rest of the body, but how responsible are we for those effects? Is it possible that the repeated chemical actions that occur from the seemingly unconscious thoughts we think daily create a cascade of chemical reactions that produce not only what we feel but how we feel? Can we accept that the long-term effects of our habitual thinking just might be the cause of how our bodies move to a state of imbalance, a dis-ease. Is it likely, moment by moment, that we train our bodies to be unhealthy by our repeated thoughts and reactions? What if just by thinking, we cause our very internal chemistry to be bumped out of normal range so much that the body’s self-regulation system redefines these abnormal states as now normal regular states? It’s a subtle process but maybe we just never gave it that much attention. – Dr. Joe Dispenza

      Now listen. You do need solid nutrition, supplements, sleep, and exercise. . .but that is just PART of your healing equation.

      In my practice, clients that come to me seem to have the cellular health area DOWN. They test blood, test genes, test foods…try this diet, that supplement, this exercise. They do whole30, go keto or vegan, do a liver, gut, and parasite cleanse and yet still experience anxiety and hormonal imbalance. . . because they are only looking at their body.  

      Most of my clients (including myself!) do not need any more attention on their body- and focusing on it too much trying to ‘fix’ it makes their condition WORSE. You may need to focus on other areas and your body is just the one giving you symptoms to let you know something needs to change.

      So next, you must examine your mind. This is a very important shift of consciousness because now the preoccupation is not with the body and defending it. The focus of attention now shifts to the mind, which is where the greater power lies. As you shift your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions, you will begin to notice that the body follows sui