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    • Women are not the same throughout the month, you probably already figured that one out 😉

      We go through 4 menstrual cycle phases each month. In each phase, our brain, hormones, and body are completely different.

      This Means:

      • We have different levels of energy and athletic ability
      • We have different social needs
      • We have different creative and critical thinking abilities
      • We have different nutritional needs

      So why do we constantly do the same things each week out of the month?

      If we begin supporting our body with what it needs for each unique phase and week, we can become incredibly productive, happy, and PMS free. This is great for both men and women to know. The more we can work with our natural cycle the smoother life will flow.

      Instead of letting this work against us, we can begin allowing it to work for us by doing certain activities at certain times of the month to maximize our brain chemistry and potential.

      Let’s dive into the four phases and how we can eat, move, and think in each one for optimal health.