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    • Now, based on everything I have said about thoughts and emotions so far, you would think I just want you to be positive and feel happy all of the time right? No. Far from it.

      You are always going to feel hard emotions, it is what you do with them that determines if it will cause problems in your body or not.

      Peace is the willingness to experience the FULL SPECTRUM OF EMOTIONS.

      We think it’s bad that we feel anxiety or hard emotions. We don’t want to feel them. We feel like something is wrong to feel hard things often.

      If you haven’t noticed, the more you try to ‘think positive’ when you are feeling crappy, the more crappy you will feel because you are not allowing the negative energy to release from the body.

      You were made to eb and flow, sometimes the hardest emotions are where our greatest breakthroughs occur, if you don’t run away from them.

      You must be willing to sit in and really feel whatever you are feeling, without judgment or shame. Don’t try to change it. Most suffering occurs because we are resisting what we are feeling or something is not happening like we think it ‘should’. But when you can be in the moment, embracing whatever is happening in that moment, and not thinking about the past or future, you will change.

      Don’t RESIST what you are feeling or going through. When you EMBRACE what you are feeling and the health problem you are facing. . .you allow the energetic charge to release from your body.

      This has been one of the biggest revelations in healing my anxiety. Resisting makes it worse. The next time you are feeling terrible, just embrace it. Stare it straight in the eye. Yep, I am feeling so much anxiety right now, and that’s OKAY. Notice how the ‘terrible feeling’ seems to lessen, and lessen, until it’s gone.


      I have asked some of the top health experts in the world what they think is the most important health practice that could change someone’s life. . . and they all said they would teach people how to breathe.

      People come to me asking what they can take for their hormonal or digestive problems and I just want to scream from the rooftops – MEDITATE & BREATHE.

      It takes more work than popping a pill in your mouth, but it’s also 100x more powerful in terms of what it does to heal your body.

      There is a reason Navy Seals, the most elite group of warriors depend on breathing practices, because of what they do to their mind and body.

      Breathing is like the digestive system for your emotions. It processes them and allows them to move through the body instead of get stuck and cause problems.


      • Turns on your body’s healing system: How amazing is it that God gave us a way to intentionally turn on our healing system at will? When you choose to breathe slowly and deep, your parasympathetic, hormonal, immune and digestive track all get kicked into high gear to get your body in balance.
      • Energetically, can clear energetic blocks you may have in your body that are leading to your issues.
        Increases your energy and improves your mood.
      • Clears anxiety from the body.
      • Turns on the part of your brain that allows you to think clearly, have self-control, receive wisdom and creativity, and communicate clearly. . . yes please!

      Breathing is like a wonder drug that can heal and make you feel amazing, but nobody is practicing it every day.

      I use certain breathing practices daily to increase energy, focus, joy, and healing. Head over to the course to learn about some of my favorite breathing practices!