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    • When I was desperate for healing, I went to every practitioner I saw with great hope they would be able to figure out what was wrong and show me how I could fix it.

      Although they can give some good ideas, no one knows you like you know yourself. They don’t know your daily thoughts, emotions, perceptions, or beliefs and they can’t change them for you.

      This is where God comes in. He knows. He knows you. He knows what you need to do. Not only does He know, He can also use whatever hurt has come from it and use it to benefit you in ways you could never imagine. He has all the wisdom you need, and He is eagerly waiting to share it with you. That’s how it works. That’s what is available, but we have a part to do in making that happen. . .

      Set Your FOCUS. . . . DAILY

      Two things block your ability to know what you need to heal:

      As I mentioned: fear, anxiety, anger, hopelessness, etc. (around your health issues or anything in life)
      Focusing on what you don’t want. Your symptoms, lack of time, lack of money, what you don’t like about yourself. What you don’t like about the people around you.

      Doing these two things block your ability to receive the wisdom and revelation because:

      • It shuts down the part of the brain that allows you to receive creative ideas and wisdom on what to do.
      • Your Reticular Activating System is the part of your brain that controls what you see in the world. Meaning, you will only see what you have trained your mental muscles to look for. The solutions you need ARE ALREADY THERE but you need to set your filter so you can SEE THEM.

      God always has the answers, and he wants to give them to you, but you have to get into a state that allows you to receive the answers.

      What we focus on, we find.

      The problem is our focus is on everything else but HIM and what he can do.