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    • What you eat is important, but HOW you eat is more important.

      There are a few guidelines to follow when eating to ensure hormonal balance, detoxification, and nutrient assimilation.

      Balance your blood sugar:

      • When you eat meals that are high in sugar or carbohydrates, under eat, or drink caffeine on on empty stomach, your body secretes cortisol and insulin which then imbalances your sex hormones (estrogen & progesterone).
      • Balanced blood sugar = happy moods + hormones
      • Many people are experiencing anxiety and depression simply because their blood sugar is all over the place.
      • Start your day with a good amount of protein, fiber, and healthy fat to set up hormonal balance for the day.
      • Avoid: eating meals high in sugar or carbohydrates (cereal, bread, crackers, desserts, fruit juice), caffeine on empty stomach, and undereating (many people are under eating – which does not give their body enough of the nutrients it needs to run how it should run).

      Eat to activate your digestion and assimilation response:

      • You could be eating the healthiest food in the world, but if you are not digesting or absorbing the nutrients from it, your body will not be in balance.
      • To fully digest and absorb nutrients you must: take a few deep breaths before each meal, CHEW, and do not drink liquids with meals.


      • Proteins are what your neurotransmitters (feel-good serotonin and dopamine) are made from.
      • Fats are what your hormones (feel-good estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, etc) are made from.
      • Fiber and veggies provide the minerals and enzymes needed for hormonal circulation and creation.
      • If you are not eating enough of these nutrients (or absorbing them properly) your body will not have what it needs to create the hormones and neurotransmitters that make you feel amazing. If you are eating less to drop weight, you could actually be messing with your hormones that will keep you from losing weight!