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    • We can change our brain, and we can change our genes:

      • All living things respond physically to what they THINK reality is.
      • Each thought we think it either putting us in the good growth state, or the shut down bad state.
      • Each thought we think is either creating good hormones and neurotransmitters, or bad hormones and neurotransmitters.
      • We decide what to think- and those thoughts decide how our body will respond.

      Change your Perception

      • It is not stress or our circumstances itself that that creates health and mental problems, it is our perception, emotions, and thoughts about them that is the signal to our body!
      • Even if you are experiencing a stressful situation- if you view that stress in a positive light, seeing it as making a stronger, better, closer to God- then it won’t put your body into shut down state.
      • No matter what has happened in our lives, we have the power to change what that experience means to us by generating different thoughts and emotions and thus change our experience, both physically and emotionally. Therein lies true healing.
      • Changing your thoughts and emotions about something physically changes your brain and the effect it has on your body.

      Become Aware of Your Thoughts

      • The world and the enemy have no power- they can only present a lie. We are the ones that grow the lie and give it power by thinking about it- we are physically growing it in our brains- but we can become aware that it is a lie- and refocus our thoughts on truth.
      • We can look at any situation in two ways: find the silver lining, or focus on the destruction. This fact is what separates people. Two people could go through the same situation- and one will experience post traumatic stress disorder and the other will experience post traumatic GROWTH- all based on how they choose to view the situation.