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    • Overall Recap:

      1. You have two brains- your subconscince is the one running the show and your automatic thoughts, habits, and reactions- but when you are aware you can reprogram this.
      2. There are two systems in your brain: one that allows you to focus and create- and the other that shuts of thinking leading to self control issues, and impulsive behavior. We can choose to strengthen either one based on our thoughts and actions we take each day.
      3. Our cells and body systems can only be in 1 of 2 states at any given time. Fear or Faith. Which state we are in determines our health, mindset, and identity.
      4. We can change our brain and our genes. We can grow new brain cells. Our thoughts control our genes. We can choose how we want to think and perceive what is going on around us.
      5. We set the filter of our brain based on what we choose to think about. What we think about the most, we will see more of.
      6. We need to set our identity statement, goals, and vision in order to accomplish our eternal purpose here on earth.
      7. Visualization creates structures in the brain as if it were actually happening.
      8. Meditation is the most powerful way to strengthen the part of your brain responsible for self control, creativity, compassion, patience, and awareness.

      Tools You Now Have

      1. Finding automatic programs in subconscious by observing your thoughts and replacing with truth- quieting yourself down- making your thoughts more real than anything else- and generating emotions as if it already happened.
      2. 3 As
      3. 3 Rs
      4. Gratitude Journal
      5. Heart focused breathing and coherence
      6. How to recover from a stressful situation
      7. How to Meditate
      8. How to rewire your brain through focused, directed thinking.