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    • Live in the Present

      The ability to be present is the most important human ability. We cannot fully access our gifts or emotions if we are mentally living in another time zone, the past or future. When we are in the present- we become aware that we have a choice, and can turn any situation around- or move one step closer to that goal.

      • All of your energy and brain power goes where you direct it. When we are not present, whatever is on autopilot for us in SC takes over.
      • Your thoughts are the biggest problem you have. Not the actual problems you have, but your thoughts about them.
      • Most of the time our minds are either in the past or the future- which means we are not aware and being the best version of ourselves now. The more we can train our brains to stay in the present- the less worry we will have and the more creative, passionate, motivated, and joyful we will be!