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    • Gratitude opens the door to the wisdom, creativity, and power that is available to you. It rewires your brain and controls what you will see in the world.

      What you appreciate, appreciates.

      When your focus is on loving your body and what it can do right now instead of what you don’t like and what it’s not doing, that focus literally becomes an energy that can fuel either healing or harm.

      We now scientifically know that what we focus on we get more of, so it makes me wonder, how many of our problems are caused simply by what we are focusing on most? (self-criticism, symptoms, and lack anyone?) If you want more symptoms, focus on your symptoms. If you need wisdom, focus on wisdom.

      That sensation and energy of feeling so thankful, blessed, loved, and secure is are the most healing agent we have access to. More than food, medication, or supplements.