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    • You may not think of your gut and liver as organs that have anything to do with hormonal balance, but they are actually huge players.


      Your liver circulates and gets rid of toxins and excess hormones. When the liver gets overworked, toxins and hormones get backed up and imbalances occur.


      Three important keys to healing:

      1. How you digest and absorb your food.
      2. The bacteria that make up your microbiome and digestive system. You want to have a diverse balance of good bacteria and make sure the bad bacteria, parasites, and yeasts are kept in check.
      3. Regular elimination.

      Why you want a healthy gut and liver:

      • Constantly detoxifying your body so you feel your best mentally and physically
      • Protection from bad bacteria and viruses
      • Absorption of the nutrients that you are eating; creation of vitamins
      • The healthier your gut and liver, the healthier your body, skin, mood, and life.

      What is harming your gut and liver?

      • Inflammatory foods- sugar, vegetable oils, gluten, GMOS
      • Gut infections: parasites, SIBO, candida
      • Medications: antibiotics, birth control, acid-blocking drugs, etc.
      • Stress: emotional and physical
      • Radiation
      • Toxic makeup, lotions, and deodorants
      • Unfiltered water
      • Jealousy, bitterness, anger
      • Not drinking enough water or eating enough cleansing food to aid in detoxification

      Healthy Liver & Gut = Happy Hormones

      So many of the diseases and issues going on with people today are caused by an overworked liver and leaky gut or intestinal permeability (when we have small holes in our digestive system that allow food and other unwanted toxins loose into our bloodstream).

      The interesting part is, your gut and liver are very highly impacted by your emotions. Emotions like fear, anger, bitterness, anxiety, unforgiveness, and jealousy have been scientifically shown to weaken those specific organs.

      Is the reason we are having so many hormonal, digestive, and mental issues because we are living in a mental and emotional state that is weakening our gut and liver on top of loading our body with toxins so they are not able to do what they are designed to do?