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    • The number one problem I see interfering with people healing is their FEAR.

      When my clients start getting into health, I find often times fear takes over. Fear of GMOs, EMFs, certain foods, disease, toxins, pollution, and everything else that has gone wrong in the world.

      Of course, all of that should be avoided to the best of your ability, but your FEAR and BELIEF about what you encounter is the biggest factor in what happens. I have seen in myself time and time again that what I am expecting something bad to do, it does. If I had no idea it could do something bad, it didn’t .

      In this information overloaded health sphere, there are warnings about everything you need to avoid and do. Be careful what you allow into your mind because it can create a belief that ‘this substance’ can cause ‘this problem’ or ‘these symptoms’ mean you have ‘this imbalance’ and it just so happens that is what you experience.

      Knowledge is power, but Dr. Google can actually make you worse by filling your mind with possibilities that we can make into actualities.

      Instead of searching for what is wrong with you, instead empower your your mind with what you can do to make it right.

      Experiencing emotions of fear (anxiety, unforgiveness, bitterness, comparison, self-hate or criticism, jealousy, depression, etc.):

      • Lowers your body’s frequency which then attracts low-frequency things (parasites, bad bacteria, mold, etc)
      • Weakens organs in your body so they can’t run how they are supposed to run
      • Puts you into a sympathetic state so your immune and healing system is shut off
      • Shuts down the part of your brain that allows you to receive wisdom or how to handle what you are dealing with

      I had to learn this through experience. . .

      When I had no period for a long, long time, cystic acne, and crippling anxiety – I was full of fear. Fear of not being able to get pregnant, fear of not knowing what to do to heal, fear of having acne forever, fear of food, fear of doing something that might make everything worse.

      Even recently, I was full of fear watching my daughter suffer everyday.

      She would itch all day long and had horrible food allergies to so many foods. She would break out in terrible hives and in severe cases her whole face and eyes would swell.

      Watching someone you love suffer is the ultimate test of being able to choose love over fear.

      So trust me, it’s hard, I understand.

      I’ve felt the fear from my father committing suicide, my mom having a life-altering blood clot, my daughter having deadly allergic reactions and my own health challenges that seemed hopeless.

      Through it all, you know what God clearly spoke to me that he wants me to speak to you?

      Your reaction to those things matters in what happens next – good or bad.

      It’s now scientifically proven. Staying in emotions of faith, love, and thankfulness cause healing and miracles. Being in worry, fear, and anger block miracles and cause more brokenness.

      That’s just the plan of the enemy isn’t it? If he can get you to FEAR he can block the healing.

      No matter what you are going through, doing whatever you can to stay in states of love, joy, thankfulness, and faith is the most important thing you can do to heal yourself and anyone around you. (Again, not avoiding feeling of pain, but also not partnering with it).

      When I solely focused on staying in high-frequency emotions and fully embracing whatever came up, that’s when healing began – in myself and my daughter.

      Staying in this state not only affects you, but everyone around you which is a powerful (and scary) revelation if you have kids. It starts with you.

      Almost every person I work with is dealing with fear about their issue. They obsess over tests, food, supplements, and feel desperation to ‘fix’ their body. That focus and energy of confusion and worry blocks the healing. We need to start with that.

      I have seen over and over the more people embrace what is going on instead of fight it and change their emotional state daily, their issues begin to resolve.