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    • The body adapts to that which it is repeatedly exposed.

      You know this in exercise. Someone who takes up running every day may see body composition shift initially, but at some point, physical results stop because the body adapts to doing the same thing day after day. Which is why cross training is so important to see physical results.

      Well, same goes with eating.

      There are pros and cons to every style of eating, and the only way we gain the benefits of all types without suffering from the metabolic adaptations of each, is to strategically phase through them.

      If you’ve ever done the typical ‘eat less, exercise more’ approach, you probably saw initial success but over time your body figured out what you were doing and shifted hormones and metabolism to adjust. It learned to run off of less and no longer gave you results.

      The problem with doing this is it shifts our hormones to think we need less fuel, so the minute we eat more food or exercise less, our body typically gains weight fast.

      Even following a general low carb diet – many have amazing results in the first six weeks, but after six months, results paused or even reversed. What happened? Metabolic adaptation. We cannot outsmart biology, but we can keep it guessing.

      You can dive more into this concept later, but to keep things simple, simply have different seasons for different styles of eating.

      Play around with these:

      • Higher fat, lower carb
      • Higher carb lower fat – more plant-based diet
      • Balance: a balance of protein, fat, and carbs at each meal

      Play around with whatever feels best for you. Don’t overthink it. If you are like me, you may have been trying to stick to one way of eating because it’s the ‘best’.

      Well, here’s encouragement to be paleo sometimes, vegan sometimes, keto sometimes, or all three in one day;)