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  • Course Outline

    • So now you have your goals, habits, and changes you want to make- now you can set up a plan of the actions you are going to do daily to get you there.

      You need to figure out when and how you are going to practice your new habits each day.

      Here is just an example:

      Take 5-60 minutes of quiet time every morning:  The morning is such a critical time for the brain. It is in a unique state waiting to be programmed and primed. What you focus on in the morning retrains and sets the filter of your brain and mind. It is so important to take advantage of this.

      When you wake up. . .

      1. Think of 3 things you are truly grateful for. (big or small)
      2. Read life renewing sheet (the whole thing, or just what habit and mindset you are picking up). Think about and feel your vision as if it already happened. This primes your brain on what to focus on throughout the day. It is also creating new neural connections. Just 2-3 minutes of this primes your brain.
      3. Read identity statement and truths.
      4. Practise habit- feeling the mindset you want, and visualizing the action habit you are picking up.

      Before Lunch

      1. Check in and refocus your mind: reconnect with God, focus on what you are grateful for, the habits you are picking up, your why statement. Just 2-5 minutes.
      2. Do your habits.

      Before Bed

      1. Think of three things that went well that day.
      2. How do you do in your habits today?