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    • “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he” – Prov 23:7

      We have two minds: Conscious & Subconscious


      • Only operates when you are awake
      • Only consists of the thoughts you are intentionally choosing to think.


      • “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he” – Prov 23:7 – your true heart and identity is your subconscious.
      • Operates 24/7
      • Controls how we perceive life, how we react to situations, what we think about ourselves, and what we can accomplish.
      • It is programmed based on each thought, action, emotion, and experience we have ever had in life.
      • To compare, your subconsciousness operates at 400 billion actions per second and your conscience mind operates at 2000 actions per second. More powerful than we can even comprehend.
      • Your subconscious is what is running you 95% of the time.
      • When you are not conscientiously thinking (when your mind wanders, when you react to situations without thinking, and when you are driving and you realize you have zoned out) your subconscious is what is operating and driving you on autopilot.
      • We are in autopilot more often than we know.

      Your Reality

      • Perception is reality. We are all perceiving this life completely differently right now based on the filter of our unique subconscious.
      • Whatever your reality is, is the reality of your subconscious. You do not become what you think, you become what you believe, and all beliefs are stored in subconscious.
      • We want what is in our subconscious to be in line with the person we want to be.