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    • Fact One: We have the power to change our brain and our genes

      • All living things respond physically to what they THINK reality is.
      • Each thought we think is either creating good hormones and neurotransmitters, or bad hormones and neurotransmitters.

      We decide what to think- and those thoughts decide how our body will respond.

      Fact Two: Mindsets are Habits

      • Each thought is creating neural pathways in your brain. The more you think about something, the more that structure and pathway grows.
      • Every mindset is a habit- it needs to be practiced in order for us to become good at it. Instead of practicing anxiety and worry- we can practice joy and happiness by choosing to focus on the good and doing activities that fill our bodies with positive chemicals and neurotransmitters.

      The more you practice- the more that becomes your natural state.

      • We do not need to experience an event to generate the emotion for it. If you want to feel gratitude and joy- think about what you have now, and the amazing possibilities that are waiting in the future to generate those emotions. The more you do this- the more your brain begins to memorize and produce these emotions automatically.

      Fact Three: Our brain is constantly rewiring. . .

      . . .for better or for worse depending on the information we are giving it from our thoughts, actions, what we look at, what we listen to, and what we read.

      Fact Five: When your change your focus, your life changes. ********* delete or rework

      • We need to stop focusing on the problems and frustrations of this world and start focusing on what we DO want. The amazing part? Focusing on what we DO want changes the hardwiring in our brain.
      • Scientifically, focusing on worry and lack physically creates more of that in your life. Focusing on the abundance you have and the infinite exciting possibilities of the future will create more opportunities and joy than you ever thought possible.
      • Emotions are equally as important as thoughts- change won’t happen if you think one way, and feel another. In other words, if you think positively but still feel fear and lack- your body becomes choas. We need to generate the emotions behind what we are thinking.
      • Know that words are even more powerful than thoughts. When words are spoken, whether they are true or not, your brain begins to process the information as if it were true. God hard wired our bodies to speak and think words of life, when we do the opposite of that- we literally do not have the hardware to process it- and breakdown, chaos, and mental/physical/emotional health problems begin to occur.
      • Repitition and emotion change your brain the most. If you can quiet yourself down- getting free from distractions, forget about the external world- and think and generate the feelings of what you want- love, joy, gratitude, an eternal perspective, then you brain an genes change.