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    • Not at all am I saying that all problems are caused by thoughts and emotions, but your mind does influence your body SO you can take advantage of that by intentionally generating thought + emotion to turn on your body’s natural healing system.

      If we focus on getting right in those areas, more often than not from what I have personally experienced and seen, healing happens on its own.

      1. In the morning, midday, and at night – stop to check what you are focusing on, what emotion (frequency) you are releasing.
      2. The next time you feel a strong negative emotion, sit with it, let it be there, and embrace it. BREATHE for two minutes.
      3. Step outside of yourself and witness what you are feeling. Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable feelings. Now, what are you going to do with it? How can you see the situation differently? What are you going to focus on? What do you want to happen?