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    • Now listen – I am not saying ‘just be a positive person and you’ll be healthy’.


      It’s deeper than that. It takes greater intention than that. It’s about having a daily practice that retrains your mind and body to perceive and experience the world in an entirely different way. It’s about intentionally taking time generate healing thought + emotion to form new beliefs about what is possible for you so your body will follow them. It’s about stepping into the present moment so your default programs cannot take over, and worries about the future and regrets about the past can’t hold you back any longer.

      It’s about relentlessly focusing and refocusing all day long until you are different and fear is gone.

      Try This.

      1 . In the morning, midday, and night – stop for 5-10 minutes and intentionally visualize and generate thought + emotion
      Close your eyes, follow your breathe, and relax every muscle in your body. Begin to visualize – how do you want to look? How do you want to feel? What is your dream work? Visualize healing running through every cell and system of your body. Generate the feeling of gratitude as though you are already healed. Think about what you do like about your body, and love it exactly how it is. Know that these thoughts + emotions are creating physical changes in your body.

      2. Check yourself! Throughout the day, stop and become aware what you are feeling, focusing on, and believing. Once you are aware, then you can change it. Remind yourself that your body can heal and become brand new, because it can.

      3. Rewire Your Mind: Choose 1 mindset you want to wire out and 1 you want to wire in. Become aware of it every day, generate the feeling and practice the new mindset you want every day, even if it feels fake. When your old mindset comes up, notice and replace. Do this for 2 months before moving onto the next.