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    • Think and Journal about this. . .

      Each day, start to notice the thoughts going through your mind. You may be surprised that your automatic thoughts may be negative towards yourself, and your future, or criticizing others, or complaining.

      Where is one area you feel stuck? What is one negative mindset you have? What is a health concern you have? What area of life do you view negatively or worry about? What bad habit can you not stop? The root of that is in your subconscious.


      What do you want? Who do you want to become? What would life be like if you were free from those struggles? How would you act? Feel? What do you want your days to look like?

      It is all about AWARENESS…. when you become aware of your automatic programs and thoughts, then they can be changed.

      You are either running on autopilot, or consciously thinking, creating, and living. Most of the time people are just on autopilot.

      Take Charge of Your Environment

      Now you are aware of your automatic thoughts and reactions and a few things that you would like to see changed- for the rest of the month, surround yourself with podcasts, books, and people that encourage you to be that person. Have a plan of action for when you catch yourself going into that mindset or habit- If ….. then ……

      When you catch yourself having negative self talk or worry, take 15 seconds of positivety  and say only nice things about yourself, your life, and the person you are becoming.

      This will all begin to rewire your brain.