Welcome to a 21 day life renewing habit challenge.

We are so excited about this, because in 21 days you life could significantly be improved, mind body, and spirit by scientifically wiring in habits into your brain.

It takes 21 days to create a new neural pathway in your brain, or a habit that controls what you do naturally. If you do something for 21 days straight, it becomes natural, and not something you do out of self-discipline.

All you do is choose 1-4 things you will commit to doing every day, for the next 21 days.

This is amazing because it gives you a focus point for each day and allows you to create habits and accomplish goals you have been meaning to do for years.

We all know what we need to do, the problem is- we do not always do it. We especially do not do it consistently. Or we start out, and then days later our goals fade away into the business of life.

To create change, we need to create habits. Habits are created with daily action. Habits are also created with daily focus. If we try to make to many changes at once, we are setting ourselves up to fail because our brain needs focus.

It is better to master one habit, and then move on rather than trying to pick up 5 healthy habits.

This is why this challenge is so amazing, it allows your brain to focus on specific goals, and get them done. After time, it becomes natural, and not something have to think about. Then you move on to the next 🙂 It becomes a lifestyle of picking up new habits that will change your life.

When you finish your 21 days, you may want to move on to your next 21 days with new goals to accomplish. I love when I am in a 21 day challenge because I always have something new I am working on or wanting to accomplish. This allows me to focus and check things off every day that start to add up and create change in my life.

Let’s be real. If I am not in a challenge, I will not be consistent and I will not do it. This gives me a framework to stay on track.

What Habit to Choose?

If you do not know where to start, we challenge you to these three habits to do for the next 21 days to transform mind, body, and spirit.

  1. Start your morning with 20 oz of lemon water followed by at least 10 minutes of quite time: breathing, praying, or journaling
  2. 20 push ups and 20 burpees a day
  3. 1 meal a day where 80% of the plate is veggies: a big salad, smoothie, or veggie soup or stir fry.

Other options you may want to choose. . .

For me, I wanted to choose things that I struggle being consistent with which is not really nutrition or diet, but I do have a harder time nourishing my mind and spirit. SO, for my 21 challenge, I will do the following:

1. Read at least 20 minutes
2. Oil Pull
3. 20 push ups and 20 burpees and plank. (on top of normal weekly exercising)
4. No sugar
5. Daily morning prayer and journaling 

To lose weight or improve your health:

  • Commit to drinking 70oz of water a day
  • Eat vegetables at each meal
  • Avoid gluten
  • Avoid Sugar
  • Avoid all processed and fast food

To nourish your mind:

  • Say there are a ton of books you have been meaning to read, commit to reading for at least 15 min a day, every day.
  • Deep breath and meditate 10 minutes, morning and night

To get in shape:

  • Commit to doing a certain amount of pushups, squats, burpees, or planks each day.
  • Try walking 10000 steps each day.
  • Get outside for a walk/run everyday.

Don’t choose too many, or be unrealistic, but challenge yourself.

At the end of 21 days you could be healthier, lose weight, hear from God, create a project, sharpen your mind, have more energy, create lasting habits. Stronger mind, body and spirit.

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